Our technology, currently under development, can make existing fossil fuels and nuclear power generation sources obsolete, and should provide a fast and cost effective method for cleaning up existing nuclear contamination.

While researching Magnetic Miles LLC (MMLLC) original prototype Electromagnetic piston engine (in a stringent laboratory testing environment) identified unusual and unexpected electrical behavior. This led to additional research in MMLLC’s own lab which has culminated in our Magnetic Impulse Controlled Plasma Power Source and further discovery in LENR and CLEANER technologies.

What Makes Us Unique

Nuclear Remediation

Our motor is currently being reevaluated to eliminate nuclear waste.

A Stored Power Source

The motor is constructed and arranged to operate from a stored power source such as batteries to provide extended run times by controlling the power.

Research & Development

With further Research & Development we believe that our goals are within our grasp.

Magnetic Miles LLC has, over the course of the past fifteen years developed a technology that is applicable to the LENR industry.

Findings from an independent assessment recently completed by Dr. Douglas W. Lindstrom are detailed in the White Paper on this website. Magnetic Miles LLC believes the findings clearly differentiate our LENR and CLEANER Technologies.

It is unique because it demonstrates the possibility of generating heat and electrical energy via the LENR mechanisms that is far greater than the energy inputs required to drive the process in a controllable manner. 

The market is in need of Magnetic Miles LLC Patented Technologies. Our main drivers for research and development are safety, environmental clean-up and rewarding our investors as we invite participation from industrial and governmental partners.