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We’ll keep you posted about ICO Meetings here!
From now on check the website several times a day for instructions.
Dear Members,
This is the address needed to swap for the coin.
This address will go into Uniswap.
This is a very exciting time for Magnetic Miles and all of us involved in the rebirth of the Company. I truly believe that our Magnetic Miles technologies and products will transform the world for the good of every being on this planet.
I hope all of you are signed up and ready to purchase coins to ensure the future of Magnetic Miles LLC. Many of our members have been working hard to get the word out to all interested investors. We have held over 10 meetings to help members get set up for the purchase. We have learned words like Coinbase, MetaMask, and Wallet.
New Videos and complete instructions are available on the Website:
Step by Step instructions are also available from Fern Gregory
This is also a link to FACEBOOK: 
Please use all of these avenues to get signed up for purchasing our own Crypto coin in early December. Don’t delay as it can take up to two weeks to get through all of the applications to purchase coins. You need to be ready on very short notice.
For every coin purchased by members and the public, funds move to the Magnetic Miles Wallet to eventually bring value to the Magnetic Miles Units so we may proceed to the IPO.
Also for all MM Unit holders John will multiply your coins:
If you invest $250, you will get $250 worth of coins and he will give coins 2x your units- 
if you have 1000units = 2000 extra coins
If you invest $500, you will get $500 worth of coins and he will give coins 5x your units-
if you have 1000units = 5000 extra coins
If you invest $1000 +, you will get the value of those coins and he will give coins 10x your units- 
if you have 1000units = 10000 extra coins.
This is valid on any amount of units. 1 million units will get 10 million coins. But 10x your units is the maximum.
If you invest $3000 you get the 10x.
After you have purchased your coins you will need to send your Wallet information back to me so that I can then transfer the Extra coins into your account. Remember, I can only put into the Wallet, only you can take out.
Thank you,
Cynthia Kollath, Manager

Magnetic Miles Lab Discoveries Comprise Cutting-Edge Physics

Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. A disruptive technology sweeps away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognizably superior. (Investopedia)

Magnetic Miles has done extensive research for a decade and a half investigating specialized materials and components, and their interaction in an electromagnetic rotating machine, and has created an extensive patent portfolio through those efforts. However, even greater scientific breakthroughs in renewable green technologies are now being validated by our Magnetic Miles Lab team of scientists. Our efforts are intended to finalize design of a potentially disruptive and superior new power-source that can be commercially adapted to provide energy to help meet global energy requirements, but without polluting the environment and at lower cost. We are actively seeking new investors and opportunities for corporations to potentially lease the technologies we are developing.

Welcome to Magnetic Miles LLC

The Magnetic Miles Impulse Control System (MMIC) has two points of potentially existentially green application, a generator of thermal energy that can be adapted to existing thermally powered electrical generators at the utility level, and also to the low energy remediation of nuclear waste materials, a process to reclaim nuclear waste materials by economic conversion to more benign materials.

Votonx® Technologies

The world is quickly switching to electric cars and boats. But where does the electricity come from? Options are solar, wind and the emerging novel plasma heat engine: Votonx® Technology.


A Flexible, Efficient Electromagnetic Power System

All of Our Power Sources Are Patented.

Our New Technologies Can Be World Changing.

Scientists Found Our Work to Be Safe & Credible.

The Amazing Potential for Our Technology

Imagine a power plant the size of a compact car that could produce power for a city, island nation, or remote military base. The applications are beyond the ability of quantum minds  to process. With further research and development we believe this is within our grasp.