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High Quantity EVO Production Patent Pending

Magnetic Miles LLC the Renewable Green LENR Energy Technologies company, based in South Florida announced their science team has identified, a patent-pending means of potentially
producing large amounts of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO’s), simultaneously, which should result in the following: 

1) Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) energy production.
2) The remediation of Nuclear Waste. 
3) Possible Element creation.
4) Propulsion.

We currently hold 
35 patents worldwide, covering scientific discoveries developed in our Lab.

While our science team was researching our original patented magnetic piston engine, unusual and unexpected electrical behavior was identified which culminated in our patented Magnetic Impulse Controlled Plasma Power Source. This power source created a high-voltage-driven submerged plasma in a water-electrolyte solution, as shown in the image.

Here is what we observed in and around its apparatus – stimulation of nuclear fission in Thorium and Tungsten, potentially by LENR as was demonstrated by independent laboratory testing:

1) Unexpected cooling of various parts of the equipment.
2) Production of large amounts of gas of unknown composition.
3) large amounts of visible light produced accompanied by gamma ray and/or X-Ray bursts.
4) Indications of excess energy availability.
5)Plasma ball formation. 
6) Within the plasma ball was evidence of vorticial structures.

During the late 20th century, Kenneth Shoulders, a US researcher, known as “the founder of microelectronic field emission devices”, was working on electron-condensed charged entities, Electrum Validum (EV’s.) today we call them EVO’s. These charged clusters have been described as microball lightning. The major limitations in previous EVO research are these entities were created in small numbers and exist for about a microsecond.

Magnetic Miles LLC is developing methods for storing EVO’s for much longer periods, allowing a broad range of applications. We were founded as an incubator for Research and Development of Clean Energy sources to save the planet from the harmful effects of fossil fuels.

Magnetic Miles LLC is actively seeking partnerships with the government, academic institutions, various corporate entities, and funding organizations to finalize the development of our
technologies and bring them to commercialization. A limited number of demonstration dates in our lab are available now. Please contact, John E. Pierson our Chief Operating Officer directly at (772) 485-8007 to schedule your appointment.

Email: [email protected]


A Flexible, Efficient Electromagnetic Power System

All of Our Power Sources Are Patented.

Our New Technologies Can Be World Changing.

Scientists Found Our Work to Be Safe & Credible.

Magnetic Miles LLC

VOTONX Division

The Votonx Division of Magnetic Miles LLC, a LENR Energy Technologies company launched their new cryptocurrency VTNX on the Polygon Mainnet platform. The token is available to the public and has been attracting a lot of attention since its release to the original investors in the company. “Purchasing VTNX is investing in more than just an idea or concept”, said John E. Pierson COO,” our company has been intently researching and developing LENR Energy Technologies for the past 17 years, and we are actively engaged in making them available as a source of clean energy Made in America.” Magnetic Miles LLC is partnering with the Advanced Research Products Agency with the US Department of Energy. They are also working with CEBN the Clean Energy Business Network.


Magnetic Miles LLC is based in Stuart Florida. You are invited to visit the company’s website
and read their white paper for more information about Votonx LENR Energy Technologies.

This New Cryptocurrency VTNX is available on QuickSwap
swapping $MATIC for $VTNX on the Polygon Main Network.

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Please visit this Polygon page address for detailed instructions:

Attention Media:
To arrange an interview with Mr. Pierson,
COO of Magnetic Miles LLC about this News Release
please email us at: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.
 Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice. -September 2023

The Amazing Potential for Our Technology

Imagine a power plant the size of a compact car that could produce power for a city, island nation, or remote military base. The applications are beyond the ability of quantum minds  to process. With further research and development we believe this is within our grasp.