MMLLC Update OCTOBER 21, 2023

New Energy Technologies at our Lab

Excites our investors!

Our latest MMLLC update has caused  a huge, positive response, from both Magnetic Miles LLC, UNIT Holders and our VTNX coin holders. The potential of a clean energy source that could provide endless, inexpensive, energy to the world, excites everyone. In this latest MMLLC update, we will attempt to be more specific, with what our new technology will potentially mean for us. Obviously, without giving away proprietary information. First of all, we are dealing with a brand new discovery for our company. We could have a potential  Energy Source that would have power created out of a source that is virtually unlimited. With such a huge potential supply, we could expect that our energy source would be inexpensive for the world’s population to purchase. Simply put, “EVOs”(Exotic Vacuum Objects), could produce an abundant and  inexpensive clean energy supply. We are looking to announce some great news, sometime in the first quarter of 2024. One can only imagine the impact on our world, and for investors of MMLLC Units, and VTNX Coins.  

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